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As an auto detailer, we have a unique opportunity to convert the change lost deep under your seats, in your seat cracks, and in your cupholders into real change for the community. With your permission, we collect these coins during the cleaning process. After three to six months we match the total collected and donate it to a local fundraiser, family, institution, or individual who needs it more than we do. All donations are made on the behalf of Oldschool Auto Care and you, the customer. Each donation has a different recipient. $12,353 donated since January 2017!

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Previous Donations


Super Saturdays

$500 to the Braintree Special Needs Recreation Program- Super Saturdays on 4/6/2017. Collection period January-March 2017. More information about this great program and all of the events they hold on their Facebook page 'Braintree Special Needs Recreation Program, Inc. (aka Super Saturdays)'.


Kyleigh's Cure

$550 on 8/24/2017 to Kyleigh's Cure, funding research for galactosemia. Started by two Braintree Police officers for their daughter and others who suffer from this rare disease . Collection period April-June 2017. More information on this great nonprofit on their website and their facebook page.

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Cindy Keenan Fundraiser

$500 on 11/09/2017 to Cindy Keenan, a beloved South Middle School (Braintree) teacher suffering from a serious illness keeping her out of work. Donation period July-September 2017.


Inspire Hope Foundation

$1,200 on 4/27/2018 to the Inspire Hope Foundation for Urea Cycle Disorders/ The Dinon family of Braintree. Donation period October 2017-March 2018. More information at


Corporal Paul Skarinka

$1,100 on 10/01/2018 to a fund raiser to restore funds lost to vandalism during the construction of disabled veteran Corporal Paul Skarinka's handicap accessible home. Collection period April-September 2018. More information and links on the OldSchool Auto Care Facebook page.


Beat Nb

$1280 to Beat Nb on 3/12/2019.
Beat Nb funds Neuroblastoma research in children, raises awareness, and makes a difference in survival rates for future patients. More information about this great organization at and their Facebook page. Collection period October-December 2018.


Jake Parker & The Parker Family

$960 to the Parker Family. Jake Parker, 14, of Braintree passed away unexpectedly April 7th 2019. He was living with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. In his honor his family started a scholarship for BHS students going to his favorite college, Clemson. After exceeding their goal for the scholarship, the money went to a travel grant program to help other families cover the costs of traveling with a handicapped child. More info about Jake & the Parker Family on their Facebook page Jake's Journey. collection period January- March 2019.

jack hammers_edited.png

The Travis Roy Foundation Via The Jack Hammers.

$850 to the Travis Roy Foundation on 8/8/2019. This money raised was just a drop in the bucket of the over $22,000 raised by Jack Shadduck and the Jack Hammer wiffle ball team this year for the annual Travis Roy Foundation Wiffle Tournament. The Travis Roy Foundation raises money for grants that go to those with spinal cord injuries and their families for things like transportation and equipment to make every day life a little easier. A portion of the funds also goes to research towards a cure. Collection period April-June 2019.


Marisa's Mission & The Pink Patch Project

$750 on 11/01/2019 to Marisa's Mission Via the Pink Patch Project. Marisa's Mission is to respond to the needs of individuals diagnosed with cancer through a multifaceted supported approach with the goal of helping patients and families lesson their stress and financial burden. This helps patients to focus on what matters most; health and family. Every year Officer Peter Gillis of the Braintree Police Department organizes fundraising for Marisa's Mission through the Pink Patch Project and the sale of patches and apparel. Collection period July-September 2019


McDonough Family Thanksgiving Baskets

$2,350 to the Thanksgiving Turkey Baskets/ McDonough Family. For the last 8 years Marty and Paula McDonough of Braintree have been raising funds to put together Thanksgiving baskets for families in need. Each basket includes a full turkey, stuffing, vegetables, potatoes, cider, pies, canned goods, pasta, sauce, rolls, paper goods and more. Last year they supplied 160 families with baskets. This year they were able to supply 175 families. Each basket costs around $75 to fill. Families apply through the Marge Crispin Center and the baskets were handed out the weekend before Thanksgiving. Look out for this event next year and for years to come. Collection period January - November 2020.


Kinsley Grant Fundraiser

$2,313 to the Grant family of Holbrook on 3/30/2021. Kinsley Grant was born June 25th 2020 a micropreemie. She has remained in the NICU since that day battling complications associated with her prematurity. A fundraiser event and GoFundMe was started by Kinsley's extended family to help the young Grant Family keep up with the hospital bills and stay by Kinsley's side. The community stepped up in a big way, raising over $110,000. For our donation, we used coins collected from the detail process, t-shirt and sweatshirt sales, personal donations from customers, and a $1000 donation from the Brady Family of Braintree. Collection period January 2021-March 2021.
More information about Kinsley at

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